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September 08, 2010


judith tannenbaum

For a preview of Hickey's take on Benglis, he contributed one of the essays to the Benglis book produced in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition, published by les presses du reel. His essay is called "A House Built in a Body: Lynda Benglis's Early Work." so his focus there is as you predicted on the early part of her career. But by the title of his lecture, "Graduate School De-Aesthetisized," he probably will get into issues related to art students and academia. How he places Benglis in this context, we shall see.
Thanks for your post,
Judith Tannenbaum
Curator of Contemporary Art, The RISD Museum

judith tannenbaum

Additional Hickey info: He has a book forthcoming this spring from the University of Chicago Press entitled “HOT STUFF: ESSAYS ON THE WORK OF TWENTY WOMEN ARTISTS.” I think this is a first of its type.
Judith Tannenbaum


Thanks for your comments, Judith. I must admit that I was a bit chagrined to see risd.edu show up in the sitemeter, followed by your comments, and then a hit from Las Vegas. But I do appreciate the additional perspective. I look forward to seeing the exhibition and (I hope) the lecture as well. Thanks again.


The Tom Moody's link doesn't seem to be working (anymore). But yeah I feel the same way about Hickey. Benglis is overdue wider acceptance, a re-evaluation in relation to Minimalism rather than feminism, but that's unlikely to come from this quarter.

Arthur Whitman

How was the lecture?


Oh I wish I had a drawer full of free plane tickets.

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