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January 13, 2010



Good to have you back.


Thanks, but as I've said before: don't jinx it, man.


Sorry. Goodbye and good riddance.

Seriously, Greg, Bunny, and me can't all be wrong about wanting to see your thoughts more regularly. I hope we do.


Ich auch.

peter reginato

Me too...Peter


Re: Haskell going too far
Possibly Baxo picks up on Wollheim’s distinction (made in the preface to Painting as an Art) between the theoretical and anecdotal wings to art history. Wollheim cites T.J. Clark as a proponent of the former, Haskell as an advocate of the latter. The first ‘theorizes into existence something which, as far as I can see, is unsupported either by evidence or by general plausibility: that is, a social function that all works of visual art universally and of necessity discharge’ (p 10) while the second ‘leaves explanation as far out of reach as it ever was’ (op cit). Haskell is thus the dogged empiricist, collecting evidence ad hoc and piecemeal, leaving theory as an a posteriori task. Presumably, Baxo tilts for a more rationalist ambit. His Patterns of Intention would support it. Still, who wasn’t engrossed at some point with Rediscoveries in Art?


Good to have you back.

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