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June 15, 2009



I think I officially got whooped in the bibliophilia department in this instance, although I didn't also describe my bountiful haul of geekiness from the MIT Loading Dock sale in April. You won't regret picking up that Matisse book.

Speaking of poetry, did you see your shout-out here?


Well, like I said, I spent a fair amount--it was a bit of a splurge, obviously. And if I lose my job soon (don't think I will, but could happen), won't I feel foolish for buying all the above. I'll get to have a book sale of my own then, whoo-hoo.

Speaking of poetry, did you see your shout-out here?

I did, been meaning to write you about that. I'm afraid I'm not entirely clear on the concept, but I'll try to think about it. Of course, right now I've just been thinking, "Tell him to use Janet Lewis! Tell him to use Janet Lewis!" And while that's in part the excitement of a new acquisition talking, it also might not be a bad idea.

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