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June 17, 2009



sometimes, silly is just what the current situation calls for though, no?


Perhaps so--lord knows that having colleagues laid off and facing a meeting this morning at which various unknown cuts (whether to pay, retirement, health care costs is still to be learned) will be announced, I could use a bit of silliness. And as I said, I didn't really want to be so churlish (and I also understand the need to feed the blog beast.) The post just rubbed up against a pet peeve of mine, the idealization of artists (perhaps intentionally.) And to my eyes, even worse, idealization not so much for what they do--a forgivable, if also silly, reaction of the art-besotted--but for what they (allegedly) feel. If I may add a silly remark of my own, which won't make sense to anyone: it all goes back to Rousseau, you see.


Thanks for the shout-out, JL.
And glad to see you posting regularly again.


And glad to see you posting regularly again.

Shh--don't jinx it, man!

Elizabeth Yeh


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Lizz Yeh

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