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April 07, 2009



My guy on the inside isn't so worried about the Globe's future, as it happens. My guess? Management is aiming a beanball at the unions.


I am worried about the Globe's future, but I think your guess is right. That's the underlying implication of Lee's remark, as I read it at least: that even as the Globe faces ultimatums from management on cutbacks while the Times has an art critic stationed in Berlin. It certainly could be said that such is the price of the loss of local control, or that the Times company has its own reasons for its business decisions--I'm no expert on the media industry and don't want to pose as one--but still, it rankles. I also can't help but suspect that squeezing the Globe for savings ultimately is a losing battle--that in the end it may hurt more than help. But that's the sort of media industry stuff that, as I said, I'm not really competent to judge and shouldn't get into.


Well, what do we think about the writing of the art critic stationed in Berlin, by the way? It seems less and less essential right now anyway. Maybe Venice et all will change that.

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