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June 02, 2008


Fugitive Ink

Warmest best wishes for a swift and lasting return to the ranks of the vibrantly healthy, perhaps even richly productive bloggers, JL - as good as it was to be reminded of that Rilke poem, it has to be said, we all missed you.


Hey, stay well. I hate the gurney thing all covered in streptacocklie yuk. It's worse when the bills start arriving.


Jumping Jehosephat! So sorry to hear about this. The speediest of recoveries to you.


hey! glad you're back! don't feel pressured to blog on any schedule but your own....carpe diem


ohmigod! Hope all is well. I've been inactive much of this year, but need my kicky fix periodically. Don't worry about blogging if you're not up to it. You won't lose us!


Hope you are feeling better.

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