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April 30, 2008


Arthur Whitman

You should write a review of an illustrated children's book, perhaps a classic from your own childhood or some such. That should be amusing (to me) at least.


Now you mock me. But I'll consider it. I don't know if I have any children's books, though. Oh, wait--I have Put Me in the Zoo! Not sure if that's gonna work out, though.

Arthur Whitman

No, no, seriously. I'll do the same if you commit to something.

And, you know, you could always troll the public library.




There is the MFA's big exhibit, which of course I want to see, but I doubt I'll have anything to say that can really illuminate it--it's too big and complicated a topic for the likes of me. The Jim Lambie installation is still up, though, and I should get a look at that. Getting to Boston has been more difficult than I'd like lately, however--one reason why I've not had much to write. Right now I'm thinking I might take Arthur up on his idea and make this a blog about Miffy.


Well, that's just it - go see it, pick your three favorite works, and write them up in three separate posts. The show's not too big and complicated - your standards demand a treatment only slightly less thorough than the exhibition catalogue itself, and you, with your astounding writing acumen, could pull it off given time that you don't have. Blog briefly and blog proudly, sir!

Fugitive Ink

Thanks for the kind words, JL - much appreciated - and also for your comments over at Fugitive Ink, to which I've attempted a reply.

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