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February 04, 2008



Sincere condolences from this bandwagon jumper.

How any disinterested parties could have been rooting for that mouth-breather to "come of age" yet again is beyond me.

Then again, I had to be weaned off of my own Pats hatred slowly, as if by tincture, over the past few years.


(And 'poof.' Just like that, he's gone. Again.)


Dan! Come back!

Reading the above after I posted it yesterday made me realize the haters had at least one thing right: Patriots fans like myself had become what we professed to despise. The comments about Eli may be true, no reason to doubt that they aren't; but it's exactly the sort of thing we heard about our team after they won their first Super Bowl. It's probably inevitable that this sort of conversion takes place after so much success. Still, it's not as if we got beat by some underdog team that was actually appealing or had never won before or something. This was a regularly hyped (although in the past disappointing) group of New York stars, only missing Tiki to be completely insufferable. If it was for the great pass rush, there'd be nothing to respect them for--of course, if it wasn't for the pass rush, they wouldn't have been there. God, I gotta stop, I'm making myself sick again . . .


Surely you've seen this by now. While the conclusions he draws are wrong, it's a great deal of fun for someone such as myself to watch him get arrive at them.




I started to read it, but then thought, "You know what? Screw Bérubé." I'm just not in the mood for that sort of thing, especially with his positively Easterbrookian use of "Northeast Region" instead of New England. Besides, he rather smugly makes a basic error near the beginning. The fact that the ball was snapped and the punt made in no way made it inappropriate for Belichick to make the challenge. The infraction happened on that play--a challenge would only have become unavailable if the Giants then snapped the ball, starting the next play. I also freely admit to lacking a sense of humor at the moment.


But the problem that Bérubé notes (one, I'm sorry to say, that my living room failed to pick up on at the time, preoccupied as we were with the second-order question of whether a plane violation could merit a personnel penalty) is that Belichick could not challenge the call because there was no call. Absence of a call is not a positive call.


He makes both arguments, actually, but he's wrong--NFL rules allow a challenge to ascertain if an illegal number of players were on the field even if no call was made. "Challenge" is perhaps a misleading name for what's involved, I suppose, but there was no impropriety. The Redskins won a challenge in the same circumstances against the Vikings this year. One could argue that the rule should be different, but there's no sense in which it's accurate to say (as Bérubé does) that the Patriots were getting away with something there. It's just the way the game is played. I would think that he'd be happy enough that his team won that he wouldn't have to invent a grievance regarding a drive that, as he notes, didn't result in points or change the game, but I guess it takes all kinds.


Giants win, America loses:



Oh, Jesus, I started to watch that, saw who was in it and closed the browser. Did I say screw Bérubé? Screw every last one of the '72 Dolphins, hard, especially him. I'll admit that Patriots fans would have gone overboard if New England had won, but no one could be more insufferable than those smug old bastards who played against a level of competition most college programs would be ashamed to admit to.

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