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January 24, 2008



Where / What is this Sitemeter you have mentioned?




. . . Adding, don't worry, the info Sitemeter gives is very general, doesn't reveal much of anything, has nothing to do with any Total Blog Awareness program you may have heard about. Trust us. And keep your Javascript enabled.


How does this work? Curious how you are tracking the visitors. You are tracking visitors to this site, correct? ...and visitors from the MFA are showing up as originating from Safeway.com? Thanks


Yes, this site does track visitors, to a limited degree. I run the free versions of both Sitemeter and Statcounter. This page gives the basics on how both of them work, I think. Basically they provide a line of code that's inserted into the html of the website; when visitors load the page, the code is triggered to collect the (public) information provided by visitor's computer (IP address and name, if provided, time of visit, referrer, etc.) Since it's not that important to me, I only use the free versions, which only record a rolling measure of the last 100 hits; both Sitemeter and Statcounter run pay services that archive all traffic, I believe. Of course, anyone running a site who denies that traffic isn't that important to them is probably lying; hence the two traffic counters. I like running them both as they record and organize the data in slightly different ways. Only Sitemeter, for instance, thinks the MFA is a supermarket; Statcounter correctly identifies the provider as CSC, though without naming the museum. I guessed that part a while back. I'm guessing that Safeway also uses CSC and that Sitemeter somehow is confused.

I don't use Google Analytics, as it's not compatible with Typepad (or wasn't last I checked.) It's also my understanding that it doesn't provide as granular view of traffic data as Sitemeter or Statcounter. I simply mention it as another common web traffic counter. There are others which you can find through a quick Google search.

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