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October 27, 2007


Jeff Jahn

You ar right, Ed deserves a lot more credit tahn he gave himself.

Also, I agree the article has an Art in America "academic slant" but I thnk we all anticipated that... It's a good primer and not news to anyone who reads this blog, but it also presents a couple of interesting moments of reflection about why and how some art blogs are very useful. It's a pretty new thing and a little bit of reflection might make the art blogosphere a bit more ambitious.


I completely agree with you with regards to fartnet and there number one fart critic.


Thanks for this, JL. To be fair to Peter and AiA, though, I must note that I edited down the first comment to the one line out of a slightly misdirected desire to have it make a bigger impact. It fell a bit flat, but I alone am to blame.

I agree the overall article is a bit dry for those who've been in the midst of blogging for a while. (We are addicted to the "new," aren't we). But I too give Peter immense credit for responding to the critiques of his original statements on blogs with such a thorough and interactive article.


Thanks for the clarification, Ed. Glad to know that at least AiA hadn't taken words out of your mouth in that answer. And in the end, I agree with you and Jeff: the fact that readers like us don't find the article so novel isn't the point--getting some of the magazine's regular readers to understand the medium is.


Wow, Amazing to see an Art media with resources list like here, Beautiful!
Thank you,



I don't know how Art in America decides on what art blogs to cover. The influence someone has online is dictated by the traffic to their content and some of the Art in America selection have hardly any traffic at all. For example, go to www.alexa.com, Winkleman's blog has a rank of 2,346,874 at this time while the Myartspace Blog has a rank of 192,776. When it comes to rank the lower number is better. Thus, it would seem that Brian Sherwin who is the editor for the Myartspace Blog (www.myartspace.com/blog) is more influential online as far as art blogging is concerned because his content reaches more people. So why was the Myartspace Blog not mentioned in that article? The only blogger mentioned that beats Sherwin's Alexa ranking is Tyler Green's blog. Traffic does not speak to Art in America I guess. Does money? Credit should be given where credit is due. I think Art in America has some explaining to do if they don't start checking their online radar better.


I don't know that they need to explain anything; while the choices obviously had to be in some sense arbitrary, given the vast number of blogs (and who can keep up with them all?), it seems to me that they gathered a group of widely respected bloggers, some of whom have been doing this for a long time and others who have professional writing/media experience to which to compare the new medium. One can always wish that other voices were included, and I don't doubt that the article reflected a particular understanding of what sites might be suitable, but it was a good group.

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