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July 23, 2007



Hip, hip!! Cheers to m.k..
one of the scads


Thanks, mark. I debated whether to put this post up, as the only thing worse than a self-congratulatory anniversary post is one that no one responds to. I've at least avoided that fate.

Arthur  Whitman

Happy birthday, fellow illiterate.

Lee Rosenbaum aka CultureGrrl

Happy Anniverary, JL. And thanks for reminding me to be less obsessive-compulsive about blogging!


i still have no idea what your name is.

and am still waiting for the cranky responses you mentioned back at the end of the rumble in the jungle post.

crank it!


Happy B'Day Modkicks!

(for some reason I thought you were a little older. That owes to the fact my own blog is pushing five{!} and you were one of the first to list it in your blogroll which was incredibly encouraging to me at the time)

best to you


Thanks to all. Please continue the obsessive blogging, Lee, I need a lot of reading material. My name will continue to be a not-so-closely guarded secret (although I once linked to something that had it, so in a way it's out--it just won't appear here, or in anything linked to blogging.) Five years, J, wow! That's pretty amazing--I could never think so much to come up with all of the questions you ask. I have too hard a time trying to think of any answers at all. Cranks response post should get done soon, if I can manage--thanks for the reminder.

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