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May 28, 2007



i went to mass moca today, the tarps are up.


Huh. Wonder what that means.


i asked... they hadn't really expected a ruling would come so quick, they had only submitted less than a week before. but they aren't expecting it to take forever either, it isn't a busy court.


Judging by the tone of the statement sent by Christoph Büchel to Geoff Edgers at the Boston Globe, the theory that Büchel deliberately sabotaged the show as a 'stunt' seems to me pretty implausible. He sounds so self-justifying and even repeats himself several times in a persuasively ineloquent fashion. This would have been a massive and important show for him and the work in it is the same kind of thing that he is clearly very interested in at the moment. It's not like this was a fringe project that he could easily sacrifice in order to make a bigger point; this kind of installation art is his life's work. Of course it is impossible to know, but I think it's more likely that the relationship broke down simply because of misunderstandings and problems with long-distance communications, maybe compounded a little by the intimidating size of the project, as one of your other correspondents has suggested, and perhaps even (stage whisper) by a tiny bit of anti-American feeling on the artist's part.

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