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February 23, 2007



First stadium concert ever attended: Def Leppard. Dude, now that rocked.


I'll bet! To be precise, I should note that I'm using "stadium" in a restricted sense--not including arena shows, which I had seen before then. I'm pretty sure I saw The Clash already.


You saw The Clash????


Uh, yeah. Twice. You didn't know this? How have I not bored you with those stories before? Admittedly, I don't remember much.

Both times were fairly late--the Combat Rock tour, and then the too-funny-to-be-sad late Clash period, after Mick Jones left the band and Joe was taking things back to their roots, man: the fabled Cut the Crap era. So some people might say I saw the Clash once, and then saw a Clash cover band featuring a couple original members. Whatever, it was still great.

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