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February 25, 2007



Sweet Dreams is a good read.I also like Elkins on painting:

"Science has closed off almost every unsystematic encounter with the world. Alchemy and painting are two of the last remaining paths into the deliriously beautiful world of unnamed substances."

--James Elkins, What Painting Is


Thanks for the quote. I haven't read that Elkins, though I have read some of his other books. I'll have to put it on the list. I'm really enjoying Sweet Dreams obviously, though it's taking me too long to get through it, and I haven't succeeded in writing the post about it that I want to do. I have some other reading waiting that I'm eager to get to, so I hope to wrap it up soon.


Says who? Drucker said who one sentence earlier; but sure, her mother could be a protesting, sputtering critic also.

I really like the Elkin quote - had he visited my sculpture studio I'm sure sculpture would be included as one of his three last remaining paths....

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