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January 11, 2007



I'm so glad you asked this question--I'm planning a trip to NYC in the next month or so. Unfortunately I can't help you at all, but I'll free-ride on your request for information.


Brush and Ink: The Chinese Art of Writing (Closes Jan. 21, though, depends what you mean by "in a week or so")

Set in Stone: The Face in Medieval Sculpture

Picasso and American Art

Arthur  Whitman

I'm afraid I'm going to miss Marden too.

Eleanore Mikus

Masters of American Comics

Saul Steinberg


I could never leave The Frick off my NYC itinerary.


Crusing for sex at the bus terminal, no, sorry, that's Chelsea; and there will be plenty of rare birds to see there also. Do a quick sprint thru the up-town galleries then dash thru Chelsea, let it simmer in your brain for several days. Take many pictures, have a great time and eat well. http://thestrongbuzz.com/index.php



Tomorrow night - The Smithereens
Tonight - The Radiators
Jan 16 - The Holmes Brothers
Until Jan 14 - The Crusaders (not cheap)
Don't forget Bargemusic, and Calefax.

Ron Mueck @ Brooklyn Museum, “A City on Paper: Saul Steinberg’s New York.” and “Black Style Now.” @ Museum of the city of NY. Sigmar Polke @ Michael Werner. Patti Smith @ Robert Miller. “Robert Rauschenberg: Combines.” @ the Met. “The Imagery of Chess Revisited.” @ the Noguchi Museum. Exene Cervenka (yes, here) @ DCKT

And you can't miss "Faking Death" at Jack Shainman. It's got all my neighbors in it getting their 'star turn.'

Also suggested: the Grey Art Gallery, and the Martha Rosler Library.

For more ideas, suggestions and rationales

Have fun, and if you have time, send me a postcard, please.

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