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January 22, 2007



Glad you're taking this in stride, because I'm a little bit psyched myself. And, for what it's worth, I can picture Peyton still getting his at the business end of a Mark Anderson in two weeks' time.


I certainly hope so. We tried, but now Chicago has to do the Lord's work and prevent Manning from getting a ring. I was so looking forward to a Super Bowl rematch, but now: go Sexy Rexy.


It was worse here in Baltimore last week. With a come back like that one (I would have gone home in the 2nd), I think Manning is due for this one, before retirement.


I know you live down there, mark, but don't tell me you're a Ravens fan! You're better than that.


After a childhood, in Woosta, of trauma with the Red Sox and Patriots, I'm fearful of commitment.


indeed it stank. almost as much as not getting the frick talk since someone who's advisor is chair this year got it. note another student of that person got it last year too.

sorry about the rant...but i know you get where i m coming from.

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