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October 04, 2006



> Instead, I took the calmer, more rational approach. And, really, does anyone want to hear me be calm and rational? I know I don't... Fortunately, next week, there's Baltimore at Denver. Baltimore. Coached by my new best friend, Brian Billick. God, I'm going to kill that preening schmo.

The world is waiting:

"By the way, we continue to await Tony Kornheiser cutting loose, or doing much of anything, on these broadcasts. As The Mighty MJD put it at The Fanhouse last night, 'he's got to stop approaching this like he's Trent Dilfer, and start going after it like Brett Favre.'"


Well, at least he's aware of and acknowledging the problem. Unfortunately, I just don't see it getting solved. If he started to go off like he does in print or on PTI, Tirico and Thiesmann would flip and it would just get tiresome and detract from the game. He's better than Dennis Miller was, though. I could say that I'm not missing Michaels and Madden, either, but in that case, it's literally true.

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