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September 13, 2006



Wasn't it the case that the Republican Party intended to back down from supporting Laffey if he won? I should note that I've followed this primary not at all.


The national party apparatus was not going to support him, yes. And while there's not much of a state Republican party as such--it used to consist mostly of the Chafees and their personal friends--but I had a feeling that the current Republican governor, who is about as conservative an elected official as RI has had since the Bloodless Revolution would have welcomed Laffey. Gov. Carcieri waffled a bit early, at first saying he'd stay neutral in the primary but then endorsing Chafee. One feels he didn't mean it. Not that his support would mean a lot in terms of money and such, but having two conservatives leading the party would have helped their efforts to transform the state GOP from its traditional Northeastern Republican model to something more like the national party.

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