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September 18, 2006



>... more likely Dante Culpepper and Miami are just far worse


>... this year's Pats don't quite seem to have the killer instinct for the ball they had in their Superbowl years. Samuel's got it, and there was Bruschi's late INT (though made in heavy coverage)

It will be a sad day when Tedy Bruschi loses his insatiable ball lust (?). This is a guy who burst a blood vessel at the thought of having to go six months without intercepting a pass or forcing a fumble.



Whoops. Thanks--that's what I get for writing so early in the morning. I knew I had to be careful with "Laveranues," but didn't bother to check the easy ones.

Hm, I don't know what Tedy would think of his "ball lust." I don't think he's lost it, though, any more than Rodney Harrison has. Tedy was playing with a cast, of course, which limited opportunities, but part of it may have been that the Jets didn't throw over the middle that much, at least that I can recollect. Most of what I remember seeing involved passes to the sidelines. I will say that, before things went all wacky, the Patriots' line was getting some nice pressure on Pennington. Again, it was expected that they'd overpower the Jets' offensive line, but still nice to see.


Do you you think Vlad Putin would have ever been able to abscond with Kraft's pigskin-shaped Super Bowl ring had Bruschi not been on the mend in '05? Not likely. All your balls are belong to Tedy. Even ball-shaped rings.

Btw... you want to talk linemen? The Bears' inpenetrable o-line was almost single-handedly responsible for Sexy Glassman's 148.0 QB rating yesterday.

Call it hubris... but, in the wake of two soft blowouts against the dregs of the NFC North, I can't help but feeling we're a mini-Ditka away from sheer dominance.


Call it hubris

Hubris. Nah, while I wouldn't put too much weight on beating Green Bay or Detroit, the Bears do look like they're off to a good start. The defense looked as sharp as last year. Now keep that quarterback healthy! If he has a chance to actually play a season, he might be able to take you somewhere.

God, Peter King has the Charges at #3 in his "Fine Fifteen" on the basis of wins over the Raiders and the Titans. No reason to think the Chargers won't be a good team, but that's silly.

Tedy and Vrabel would have dropped Putin in the backfield. No contest.


And I can answer King's question about why Tom Brady looked like his dog died after the show: the way Corey Dillon had to be helped after his final carry of the game. We'll hear more about that soon enough, I imagine.

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