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September 21, 2006



Charlie Finch provides an alternate view, with his usual concern for facts and good judgment, so to speak.

I want those 120 seconds of my life back.


You should have known better than to follow the link.


When Finch blames de Montebello for "the foppish pretensions of 'high art,'" is he calling him gay or just French?

(And, speaking of Finch and the Met, might this be the worst museum review ever written?)


I recall a friend quoting PM, something to the effect that: "Well of course we are elitist; we want to show the best."

No argument there! And if indeed 50 or 100 years need to pass to confirm 'the best' - OK.

I actually enjoyed the Modern wing. But then again, I went every week for many years.

NOTHING bests the Met!


Maybe we can get Charlie Finch together with Lee Seigel for some kind of madcap festival of oral foot insertion.

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