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August 23, 2006



Braque is like a tame, well-intentioned, respectable Abel compared to the violent Picasso, who resembles a kind of angry Cain.

I commend your decision.

libby rosof

ed winkleman is your man. he's reading the series and blogging about it.


Actually, I've skipped a number of them, for the very reason JL suggests. I'm a bit obsessed with learning why my sense of decadence is so at odds with the conventional wisdom, though, and so that title made me curious.


I 've read a lot of it and blogged about it a few times. I think Kuspit remains too stiff a slap in the face for New York to willingly submit.


Thanks for the tip, libby. An ill-timed bit of snark on my part, in light of Edward's post! And in response to your comment, Edward, I, too, am fascinated by the meanings people attach to "decadence" and am curious about Kuspit's take. It's probably why I posted this--I've had the line rolling around in my head for months, but only now was prodded to put it up by seeing him move up to the current moment. So I'll be reading when he goes on to discuss the art he is championing today, though from what I've seen in the past I don't expect to be convinced.

I'll have to think over your post more to be able to say anything more, though, I think.


It's an awful format for what he's trying to do. I'd read something like that in print—say, in the Atlantic or Artforum or wherever—but not on a computer screen. I'll wait for the book.


It's an awful format for what he's trying to do.

This is true, and part of why I haven't been bothering. If I'm going to read something like that, I need to be lying in bed. Yes, I could print it out, but that's not the same.

Having made fun of the series, I should note that, even if I can't read it, I think it's a pretty cool thing for Artnet and Kuspit to have done.


I too felt guilty for not reading it. But maybe the problems are correctly sited here: it is not just the content but the format. We are used to small snippets. Who wants to read long histories online?


i actually printed the last two installments (but have not read them yet). the titles of the chapters are catchy - i wonder if it good reading. maybe i will read it soon. maybe.

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