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January 15, 2006



> Go Bears.

Uh... thanks (?)


Hm. I'm very disappointed in the city of Chicago right now.


Go Steelers. I think you have to root for them at this point. Let them get it out of their system.


I'm personally ok with a Steelers win at this point. I certainly want them to beat Denver - I have no desire to see Mike Shanahan with three rings as head coach. A Pittsburgh championship would have annoyed me no end a few years ago, but they've been beaten down enough since then. Denver, or Carolina, on the other hand - that would be unbearable.

Then there's Seattle. They're the safe choice. Who can object to Seattle? Who cares if they win at all? It's like it wouldn't count or something. That might be best.


Kind of like with Tampa Bay a few years back. I'm a Bucs booster, but I appreciated that many, many more people were rooting against the Redskins than responding in any affirmative way to Tampa.


Kind of like with Tampa Bay a few years back.

Precisely. Or, for that matter, like the first time the Pats won. In both cases, most of the people who really felt pain were in Oakland. (OK, in Pittsburgh and certain New York households as well, but you get the idea.)

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