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November 30, 2005



Or using a library book to roll and leaving the seeds in the book and the next day the librarian mentions the nice gift you left her...oh wait, that was me. It's funny I thought of Pink Floyd imagery when I first saw his work. I didn't care for Pink Floyd much either.

Half Brother Clovis

TRIPPY!!!! Nauseating psychedelic art has some such a long way. They could have used him when Mountain or The Moody Blues needed album covers.

Half Brother Clovis

You know, that BOC album cover looks wrong without a caricature of Ross Perot atop the pyramid.


I know! I so wish I had that to scan in. It's probably possible, if one wanted to expend the effort, to find that caricature and Photoshop it together. That would be cool. But beyond me, I'm afraid.

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