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July 31, 2005



You mean to tell me all the blogging I've been doing for the TV cameras has been for naught?


It's all about the fundamentals, man. Quit showboating.


I gather that it is not up to the player to decide which cap they wear. I anticipate that this will become a more complex issue as the free agent era guys become eligible--what cap does Clemens wear? He made his name as a Sox but his legendary status comes from his ongoing dominance so deep into his career for a variety of teams.


I gather that it is not up to the player to decide which cap they wear.

It's not? I thought they had a say in it, at least - hence Mr. October wears a Yankees cap. Perhaps an exception was made in that case. But yeah, it's only going to get more complicated. At least, for those who care - the sort of players who hop teams routinely probably aren't terribly sentimental about these things.

That Vermont famers event sounds fantastic, by the way.


Googling around on the question led me to embarassingly geeky sports sites that make having a blog seem cool, but anyway: it seems I missed the news that the Hall changed practices some time ago and no longer lets players choose which cap to wear when they enter. From what I can tell, the Hall does the choosing for them, and no doubt leans toward whatever they think is the proper, fan-favored ending.

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