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May 22, 2005


Bunny Smedley

Fair enough about the inaccurate precis, but - well, a dead practitioner of phenomenology isn't exactly a sub-editor's dream, really, is he?

Picture the scene: 'Right, Lucy, you have an Oxbridge BA - describe phenomenology in twelve words or less so that the average harassed commuter will get it. Would you want to try that?

Still, for someone who knows nothing about philosophy, that was a very interesting obituary.


I see your point. And it was an interesting obit, for a very interesting guy. But still, while I'd cut some slack for the A.P. writer (whose job, after all, is to get the basic story out fast and first), the Telegraph writer should have done better. He had time to come up with the fuller story in the rest of the article, after all; no need to lift the A.P. guy's description word for word without thinking to check it out. A quick google probably could have done the trick for him.

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