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May 17, 2005



(blushing furiously)

aw, shucks....thanks....

I always had the Reuben at Jimmy's, with fries and Old Style on tap.


My pleasure. The Reuben was good, too. Strange that I never remember having food at the House of Tiki, ostensibly a restaurant, but can't forget what I had at Jimmy's. The difference between zombies and beer, I suppose.


The food at the Tiki was appalling. The Salty Dogs were divine.


I was very sad to hear that it closed. I went there my first full day as a Chicago resident (I had visited Hyde Park once before, but that's another story.) The train from RI had arrived around noon the previous day - I don't fly if I can help it - and a friend had met me, taken me to where I was staying and dropped me off. I showered and went to sleep within an hour or two. The next morning, I met with the same friend and a few other people and went to the Art Institute for the first time. They were having their obscenely huge and crowded Monet retrospective. The most dangerously packed galleries I've ever been in, but I still vividly recall a few of the paintings. Then it was a blur of a tour of the Loop, far too many introductions for me to remember any names, and my introduction to the Tiki. I think we were there until 4 AM or so. Not for the last time.

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