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May 16, 2005


Chris Cagle

I've always liked R & R - in fact, it's the only Richman solo album I find really strong (though the first has some great songs). Sadly, it's long out of print, and I just can't get myself to shell out twenty bucks for a CD-R with no cover art. I'm all about the aura!

Thanks for the track, though.


you know, i wore out 2 cassette tapes of rockin and romance, and bought 2 vinyl elpees (yes, i'm obsessed) but i really needed that cd-r from twin tone (and they even sent me 2 at that, both with my name on them)

happy 54th birthday to jonathan richman, btw (5/16/51)


in fact, it's the only Richman solo album I find really strong

Heretic! We will find you and tie you up and force you to listen to You Must Ask the Heart until you repent!

OK, that last one isn't great. But I'd say pretty much everything from the 1980's is strong, though some are better than others, of course. It's a real pity that It's Time for Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, the follow-up to RnR, is near-impossible to find. It's very near to the same level, a terrific work.

I had forgotten yesterday was his birthday. What a happy coincidence. Thanks, rb.


And I shouldn't have to add: if Chris were to say one word against "Telstar" - to the stake with him.

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