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April 09, 2005



Oh, god, when will it stop??? Neil Welliver is one of my very favorite artists. I think you'd like his work a lot. He understands how a fish can fit in a stream, for example, and a stream in a wood. And do it in watercolor, just about the most difficult medium to do well. Put ideas of English watercolor style out of your head and think Cezanne. And think camouflage, and patterns.

I like landscape, too, and it was all I painted for years. Is good to study if you're an artist, any kind of artist because it doesn't sit still. I will dig out the title of a book for you -- something like "The New Landscape" that is good for what contemporary artists are doing with landscape.

Think Rackstraw Downes, Yvonne Jaquette, Alexis Rockman. None of them fuddy-duddies.

Rufus Foshee

Teachout needs definately to see more Welliver and to get rid of his romantic rose colored glasses. Noboby ever call O'Keeffe a landscape painter and there is much in common between Welliver's and O'Keeffe's approcah to their surrounding.

I wrote "When Is A Landscape Just a Landscape" for the FREE PRESS, Rockland, Maine Sept. 6, 2001 if you are interested. Best wishes, Rufus Foshee

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