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April 11, 2005


Bunny Smedley

Back in August 2004, I more or less retired from things like this (just to 'foreground' myself for a moment) to have a baby. Now, immersed in the world of baby-related internet fora, musing over times at which one should introduce solid foods or the methodology of wearing a sling, I have discovered a new world: one in which mothers think they are 'doing what works' - with the greatest possible scorn for philosophy, theory or faction, all of which they scorn, because clearly 'what works' has no philosophical underpinning, and practice isn't within spitting distance of wretched theory.

Sometimes, though, I am glad I have not entirely cut off my links with the alternative universe of 'culture;, in which - thank heaven! - they do things differently.

Or to put it another way, while I can see why people hate intellectuals, that doesn't stop me turning into one occasionally. And that, in itself, reminds me why it's quite a good thing not to hate them that much.


I just filed a follow-up featuring an example of some of Yve-Alain Bois' writing.

While searching for an image of the Barnett Newman painting discussed in the essay, Google result #12 led me to a lovely piece on Newmann by one Bunny Smedley.

What a lovely coincedence.


What a lovely coincedence.

I agree, and thank you for posting the link. MK is always pleased to read Bunny, and we really appreciate her spending some of her time and thought here. It adds to our days.


Oops... Looks like I bumped Bunny down to #13.

Bunny Smedley

Don't worry - I forgive you! ;)

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