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January 17, 2005



By the way... "Train in Vain"? That sickness runs deep, doesn't it?

Miguel Sánchez

A hopeless case, I'm afraid.


I agree that an institutional analysis of the contemporary scene seems necessary. This is precisely what Danto tries in his writings since 1984 on the "end of art". It's not a sociology of art, but it's an attempt (flawed in my view) to theorize the current condition of the artworld. The last full sociology of art I can recall is Janet Wolff's. There are so many factors and complex interactions to consider which, by definition, we're caught up in as contemporary analysts, that it may be impossible to conceptualize, articulate, and evaluate. I guess that's what you suggest when you say "lots of luck". But that doesn't mean we can't, in some way, come to terms with the practices that constitute the contemporary artworld. So we all keep plugging away (and kicking back)in any way we can.

What is it about the particular texts (Lyotard and Greenberg) you mention, Miguel, that you think might illuminate matters for us?

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