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January 14, 2005



I'm not old enough to be an aging hipster, and I say that "Your Ghost" is fantastic. So there.

Miguel Sánchez

I like it, too; I'd rank it among the top three or so that came up in this little game. It's just that I first saw her perform with Throwing Muses sometime in 1984 or '85, opening for Richard Thompson at Brown Alumni Hall in a show mentioned here.  Mentioning that, even apart from the song list taken as a whole above, would mark me as an aging hipster.  If I were hip, that is.


And to think that when, before playing, I titled this post after an Evan Dando lyric, I thought I was being clever. Now I see that it was just part of my sickness.

Remember: you're never alone.

Miguel Sánchez

Oh my god - that is scary. Like looking into my soul. Um, now's probably not a great time to remember this whole site is named after an obscure garage rock song, is it?

Kriston Capps

A post was never so pertinent as Belle Waring's disavowal of the entire Throwing Muses/Belly/Pixies/Breeders crowd. I happen to agree that the intersection of those circles involves a lot of past glory that need be left in the past.

(The great thing about the shuffleblog game is that you may disavow yourself of any responsibility for whatever graves in your music library the shuffle function disinters.)

Miguel Sánchez

It looks like that post was by Maria Farrell, CT's second string Belle. But on point just the same. I agree with it all, including her sense that Kristin Hersh is still the one to watch out of that whole crowd. She's both talented and out there enough to come up with something interesting when least expected. Sad to say, that group of artists makes the second, maybe third time going through that cycle for me.

I was more worried by what didn't happen in this little experiment - that I'd have to distance myself from all of the music on the hard drive that could have come up that isn't mine. There's some scary stuff in there.

(And yes, I'm not watching the Pats, at least not yet - I'm following the log of the game at boston.com. I don't think I can stand to watch - the tension is too much.)

Kriston Capps

Well, so far some truly horrifying weather—sleet, it appears, though I'm no expert on such—is doing enough damage to both teams that they can't do much damage to each other. I think it works to the Pats' ultimate advantage, because it's surely going to ground the full range of Peyton's air attack.

So long as it's a better game than the Philly/Minnie one that preceded it, I'll be happy.

Miguel Sánchez

Two field goals. Need touchdowns. No one holds back the Colts forever.

No happiness here. Losing means the taste of dust and ashes. And enduring the greatest media orgasm over Manning yet. Unbearable.

Kriston Capps

Well, it looks as if the truly horrifying weather has grounded Peyton's air force. Might be safe to turn on the television now. . . .

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