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January 24, 2005



"I don't believe either author addresses the question of time in their respective essays"

Hmmm. I really do need to reread them.

Miguel Sánchez

If I may hedge a little: I was going by memory, so I may have missed something. And by "addresses the question", I meant in a sustained, explicit way. I suppose one can say that any attempt to talk about modernism (or postmodernism) involves talking about time (and some of Lyotard's comments go in that direction), but again, I meant something more than that. Both are involved in temporality, but don't really get too explicit about what that means here. They do elsewhere, though, in their different ways.

Timothy Quigley

Hmmm...thought I posted a comment last night before running off to class but now it's nowhere to be found. Oh well...I'll try to get back to this later today. For now I must say I'm struck by how easily a discussion can get lost or overlooked when it's in the comment section of a blog. This may be a structural problem or just my own ineptitude, but it seems these items do not typically trigger a notice -- email or by news aggregator -- to those who are otherwise following the posts on a blog. Am I missing something? Yes. More later on Clem and J-F...

Miguel Sánchez

thought I posted a comment last night before running off to class but now it's nowhere to be found.

I didn't see anything come through. I think you did leave a comment along these lines over at Iconoduel; perhaps you are thinking of that one?

I appreciate having comments and like to leave them elsewhere, when it's appropriate and I have time. But it's true that things can get buried. I have no idea about the technical aspects of putting them in a feed or email alerts and so on. Heck, if Typepad didn't have templates and menus to create and run a site, I probably wouldn't have one at all. I'm not very good at this stuff.

It is one of the silver linings that the art sites are unlikely to grow so big as to have their comments sections deteriorate as happens elsewhere. But then again, maybe I'm wrong; check out the Talkback areas on Artforum. Scary.

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