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October 07, 2004



Thanks for the link! This from Michael Govan's preface in the exhibition catalogue:

During his lifetime, Flavin often modified older installations and created new ones on the occasion of an exhibition. Though he took great pains to carefully document, preserve, and construct permanent settings for his art, he had an equally keen sense of the ephemeral nature of his art--and all art for that matter--as well as the specific problems associated with an art that was highly dependent on its context. In an interview he remearked that "one has no choice but to accept the fact of temporary art... only I know the work as it ought to be. All posthumous interpretations are less."

But I've looked elsewhere in the catalogue, and can't find any explicit reference to the "exhibition copies".

Tyler Green

I'll ask next week, I was wondering the same on one or two pieces from a conservation point of view.

And the place to see the show will be Fort Worth. Guarandamnteed.

Modern Kicks

Eh. Texas.

Chicago's easier to travel to, and I have people I can stay with there. I'm cheap.

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